About Zafran Pot

How we came to be

Zafran Pot is sad to say goodbye!!! Thanks for all your support through out good and tough times!! We really miss you all !! Stay safe and take care!!!

Our Story

Zafran pot started in 2013 as a catering business. It is a traditional Indian cuisine restaurant located in Culver City.

Inspired by Indian cuisine from different regions of India where food is considered divine.

We use the freshest ingredients possible in our recipes and our signature dish Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, is made with organic chicken. The moto of our restaurant is all about freshness and flavor.

Our recipes contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Our menu dishes are created with best quality possible, each elaborated with its top quality ingredients. We are transparent with our menu for you to enjoy home-style delicious Indian Food.

My Story

I have always had love for food... it took me sometime to realize that I was so passionate about food but never really thought of it as a career, that’s when I started to do catering services for my friends and family. They loved my food and slowly it spread to many people who loved my meals.

After 2 years of catering, I got an opportunity to work as a home chef for Mytable. I worked there for 8 months and the response from customers was encouraging and made it worth my hard work. That's when we decided to open a place people can come and enjoy my home-style Indian cooking.

Chef Sneh
Zafran Pot

Logo Colors

The zafran pot logo colors represents all food sources available to mankind from our earth. Green represents vegetables (fiber), orange represents Zafran and spices (flavor n color), red represents meat (protein), chili and tomatoes, brown represents bread (carb) and white represents rice (carb).